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Rain Weaver

Oo has only one purpose in life: rain weaving… and mastering this new melody that keeps haunting her. When her powers get out of control, she is forced to leave everything behind. While Oo hopes to find a new home in a big water-scarce town, she is quickly met with prejudices and fear. Rejected, she embarks to fish the first star, but when the water stress becomes severe, the people realise that the woman they have scorned is the only one who can help them. Should Oo follow her heart or return to aid?

A new devised performance about self-worth, trust and finding a home – inspired by an ancient legend.

Staged at Mountiew as part of VIEW Festival 2023.

Photography by Steve Glass

Directed by Apostolos Zografos

Workshop directed by Yuxuan Liu
Composed by Maggie Yu
Performed by Kelsey Yuhara
Written and Produced by Lilli Lehmann

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