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If you leave things long enough, they’ll grow old and rot…

Join Liz and Beth as they journey into the heart of the forest, where strange creatures lie in wait.Why are they here? Will they ever get back home? And who is the old man?Just breathe and relax.

Photography by Andrew H Williams


Yuxuan Liu


Liz - Karitas Sif

Beth - Jessie Alway

Music Spirit - Grace Hooper Morton

Old Man/Jamie - Noah Silverstone

Old Man/Jamie (understudy) - Yuxuan Liu

Sparkle Markle - Marie Bulken

Fire Lizard - Elina Hawk

Forest Siren - Bianca Chibu

Wolf Spirit - Matilde Gomez

Tree Spirit - Abi Gould

Boo/Father - Diogo Varela

Lily/Therapist - Anna Romano

Musical Director & Composer

Grace Hooper Morton

Production Manager

Steve Owens

Stage Manager

Elina Hawk

Movement Director

Anna Romano

Jessie Alway

Set Designer

Diogo Varela

Set Designer Supervisor & Master Carpenter

Carlos Moral Reis

Costume Designer

Jessie Alway
Marie Bulken

Costume Supervisor

Alison Manners

Puppet Designer & Maker

Noah Silverstone



Karitas Sif
Diogo Varela

Props Supervisor

Charlotte Windley


Elina Hawk
Noah Silverstone

Poster Design

Noah Silverstone


Marie Bulken
Matilde Gomez

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