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Caligula and the Sea

"Everyone will adore Caligula - And isn't that, in a strange way, what he wanted?"

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Broadway World

A new devised play that examines themes of power, friendship, masculinity, and nature.  A fantastical, dramatic, gripping, and not-so-historically-accurate retelling of the tales of the infamous young Roman emperor, Caligula.

Caligula is trapped on Capri as a young adult. Years later, he returns to Rome as its new Emperor with his close confidant, Chaerea. But Caligula is not content with being emperor, he wants to rule as a god.

When he enters into a destructive friendship and rivalry with Neptune, the god of the sea, he witnesses power beyond his comprehension. He is left to question his relationships with friends, family, the empire, and himself.

There is an ancient rumour that Caligula waged war against the sea. Will he do the same in this fictional world where gods exist, and monsters are made?

Photography by Craig Fuller

Director & Producer: YUXUAN LIU
Dramaturg/Resident Writer: JACEY CASEL
Set & Costume Designer: FIONA MCKEON
Puppet Designer & Maker: NOAH SILVERSTONE
Sound Designer & Composer: HANNAH BRACEGIRDLE
Lighting Designer: AARON J DOOTSON
Technical Stage Manager: EMILY DARLEY
Movement Director: SEAN CROFT
Show Image Designer: JED BERRY
Marketing & PR Associate: NATALIA KNOWLTON

Cassius Chaerea: FELIX RYDER

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